Servicios de Limpieza de Comunidades de Vecinos en Barcelona


Ad-Hoc / tailor made mechanic and electromagnetic design according to customer specifications.
Highly qualified and experienced engineering team in the field of electric machines.
Technological solutions and flexibility.
Fully equipped test bench to test and validate all our products.
We offer design services for electrical machines to third parties.
We offer the testing service of electrical machines in our test.


Extensive supplier system, where all activities will be coordinated and controlled by an experienced team from our head office.
Continuous optimization of the processes.
Search for new techniques.
Process control in our supplier’s facilities.
Our production plants are located in Europe and Asia. Thanks to that, we are able to offer the production option which best fits each need.
All processes are performed by trained professionals and correct technical procedures, in order to satisfy customers and workers.
We offer process outsourcing services to third parties.

Servicios de Limpieza de Comunidades de Propietarios en Barcelona